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1820 North Center Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
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+1 928-220-9419


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  • Robert Sischka
    Nov, 27 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    We wanted more light in our Living Room/Dining Room. We had two Solatubes in our kitchen (put in when the house was built) and loved the natural light, and contacted Randy Botts at Flagstaff Skylights for suggestions and a bid. Randy was honest and professional as he walked through the area, then crawled up into the rafter area to check things out. We discussed options and pricing, and he was very patient going over all of the options. Randy pointed out that there were both federal and state tax credits on certain units (30% Federal and 25% State). The bid was already reasonably priced and, by purchasing certain units, the tax credit would get us back 55% on those units, between the two credits....it was a slam dunk decision for us. Randy's install was impeccably done and professionally rendered by all involved in the prossess. The areas were all cleaned up properly. Everyone we have over remarks how nice the Living Room/Dining Room area looks, then asks us what we did to make it look so much more amazing than it looked before. No one, yet, has remarked right away on what we actually did. They just notice the amazing difference in how the rooms look which, of course, is the addition of the natural light! We smile, then point to the Solatubes! Overnight guests are also amazed at how the installed solar night lights that are inside the tubes bathe the area, at night, in a beautiful glow that allows them to see there way without putting lights on. We now plan on having Randy put one in our Master Bath, when the budget allows! We HIGHLY recommend Flagstaff Skylights and Randy Botts, if you have any areas in your home that you believe might benefit from more natural light...and don't forget, at least for now, the Feds and State of Arizona will help you with the bill, with the different energy credits that are still available on your tax return (of course, check with your tax professional to determine your benefits...we did and it was worth the call!). Thank you Randy and Flagstaff Skylights!
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